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Salt Pack - mini

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This pack of 3 mini salts; sea salt, pink salt & black salt, and comes in a cute hessian bag with a tigers eye tumble, made and packed with love and light. 

There are different variations of salt; some for cooking/consumption while other types are meant only for ritual work.

Himalayan Pink Salt is known for its high level of trace minerals - great for cooking and baking. It also has amazing detoxifying and cleansing qualities. For magickal purposes, this salt can be used like any other salt, with its beautiful pinkness it’s lovely for healing and cleansing.

Sea Salt can be used for absorbing negativity, banishing bad vibes and protection. You can use if for cooking or any ritual if you don’t have other salts! If you have pets that might want to lick at the salt you place around the house it’s a great idea to store them in these cute little Bottles. One at the front door one at the back door, windowsills etc. it’s good to replace your salts every moon cycle and return them back to Mother Earth away from your space or down the sink to wash away.

Black salt will banish negative energy has been in your space or even as a protection ritual for your home. You can sprinkle it around and sweep it out the door to get rid of that bad energy! Can be used in protection spells that require salt, writing protective sigils on your book of shadows or other surfaces. You can rub it onto your skin or even use is self care baths! (Not for eating though)

Feel free to be creative about how you use your salts in magick, workings, rituals, protection and spell work. This is just my guide! And remember it’s all about intent. If you intend to practice with love and gratefulness in your heart, you will reap what you sow.