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White Moonstone Sphere slightly imperfect

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White Moonstone sphere, it’s a great stone for new beginnings!!! Moonstone looks like the moon shimmering in the night sky. It carries the intuitive and the feminine powers of our learner guide and links us into nature cycles. This in turn bursts fertility and helps with menstruation and menopause issues including fluid retention and hot flushes. For men it helps them tune into their more feminine side balancing aggressiveness.

So it is said that moonstone loses its silvery sheen if the person using it holds too much anger inside of them. It also changes colour and should be used for different purposes according to the lunar phase. For example as the moon waxes to its fullest moonstone will grow deeper in colour yet more translucent And this is when it should be used for healing and manifestation. As the moon wanes this gem will grow paler and emit a more gentle energy making it more conducive to rest and reflection on your inner world, Time in your emotions and Soothing your nerves. If you use the moonstone outside it will help your garden grow well and growing in your garden according to buy a dynamic forces using the moon cycle shows there is a right time to plan and a right time to harvest - in the garden and in life…