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Wealth, Money & Luck Kit

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Crystals and element for Wealth, Money, Success and Luck! In a custom pouch with gift wrapping.

In this convenient, cute and unique kit you will find the following:

Amazonite - Known as the Stone of Hope, Success and Abundance, attracts prosperity for finances.

Citrine - The Lucky Merchant’s Stone, one of the most powerful crystals for manifesting money. This stone will also encourage you to share and be generous, which creates a circle of wealth and good Karma.

Pyrite -  Pyrite is an energetic brassy mineral known as ‘Fool’s Gold’. But when it comes to manifestation of abundance, it packs a real punch. Attracting wealth and energising the workplace, pyrite is a must have in your kit.

Tiger’s eye has been known to make dreams and intentions a reality. It can help you to move your career forward and bring luck if starting a new venture.

Great for staying grounded and sensible around money. It’ll help you to keep hold of your assets and also protect you from becoming too greedy.

It’s also a talisman of luck and fortune, particularly when combined with the other money-attracting crystals in this kit.

Clear Quartz - the master healer! This crystal will amplify and really activate the rest of your crystals, making them the most affective for your intentions. Also a master at cleaning negativity.

Wood - the element associated with this trigram of Feng Shui. 

Tip: Place this kit in your southwest corner of any room known as the “Wealth” corner.