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Lepidolite Generator

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20cm tall Generator!! Lepidolite can help with emotional balance and inner peace. This beautiful one will up your dopamine levels, bringing you all those feel-good vibes, and even to harmonize all those emotions that may be running riot in your body, mind, and soul. Lepidolite has been used as a source of lithium - a remedy often turned to for those who suffer jangled emotions, high mood swings, bipolar!

Lepidolite is from the Greek Lepidos. Lepidos in Greek translates to scale, a name that pays homage to the dragon-like texture of this dreamy high fantasy feeling stone.

While Lepidolite is a dream at helping heal emotional overdrive, it also works wonders on the physical body too. Give your immune system a booster! The gentle joyous stone also cuts down on the harmful side effects of electromagnetic pollution, chasing away the smog so you stay protected and don’t feel like you are feeling your way through a blanket of emotional fog. Lepidolite has also been known to help numb sciatica and neuralgia. It is also said to reduce problems associated with Alzheimer’s.