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Carnelian Tumble Stones

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Carnelian restores vitality and energy, encourages positive choices and motivation, heals blockages and trauma and stimulates creativity. Price is per 2 stones.

It’s best for healing from abuse and trusting yourself and also rejuvenating relationships! So the name carnelian is Latin and it means flesh. It’s one that can really give your body a boost. When you’re working with carnelian expect better Health and vitality, increased metabolism! It’s a stone of confidence and courage, ancient Warriors were around their neck‘s to make them bold in battle and it has been believed to bring shy people out of their shells.
Carnelian is also a very healing stone because it gives you energy passion and motivation as well as bringing abundance into all areas of life. It is also believed to help the body heal from injury whether it’s physical or emotional because it’s well known for healing after abuse. It lets you trust yourself and your perceptions and feelings again so you can take the lead in your life living joyfully and feeling fulfilled.

If you have a bowl of gems and tumbles etc in your home add carnelian because it cleanses other crystals!!