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Black Amethyst Angel Wings with stand

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Black Amethyst Angel Wings!!! Awaken the dark angel! These are so so gorgeously magickal!! Amethyst helps with stress, negativity, anger and anxiety. It also assists with activating intuition, your third eye. Great for developing your spirituality, deep meditations and enhancing your creativity. 

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones and has a very high vibration. Used by ancient royalty to encourage sobriety and spiritual grounding, helping to tap into a deeper, more centred spiritual state. They made amulets for prayer and protection against harm.

It calms your mind of mental chatter and calms your anxieties bringing on a deep meditative state.

When meditating, place on your third eye to help enhance your psychic abilities!! 

To sit holding a piece in your left hand with the tip or point of it pointing towards you, will draw the calming spiritual energy into your body and create a beautiful sense of connection with your crystal.

stand included! 18x14cm.